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Faculty Details

Non Teaching Staff

S. No. Name of Employee Qualification Designation Department
1Mr.Dheeraj Kumar AgarwalM.A, LL.B, M. LibLibrarianLibrary
2Smt. Kirandeep kaurM.LibAssistant LibrarianLibrary
3Smt. Sunita deviNillLibrary Attendant / PeonLibrary
4Mr. Sonu12th., RS-CITLDCCollege Office
5Smt. Seema SharmaB.A.UDCCollege Office
6Mr. Amit GoyalM.Com.LDCCollege Office
7Mr. Amit KumarM.A., RS-CITLDCCollege Office
8Mr. Sunil JaggaM.Com.LDCCollege Office
9Mr. Dinesh KasniaB.PharmaLab.Tech.Ras shastra evam bhishajya kalpana
10Mr. Neetish KumarB.M.L.T.Lab.Tech.Dravyaguna
11Mr. Surender VermaD.M.L.TLab.Tech.Roga Nidan evam Vikriti Vigyan
12Mr. Lakhvinder SinghD.M.L.T.Lab.Tech.Rachana Sharir
13Mr. Mahender Kumar vermaD.M.L.T.Lab.Tech.Dravyaguna
14Mr. lakhveer SinghD.M.L.TLab.Tech.Rachana Sharir
15Mr. Sunil kumarD.M.L.TLab.Tech.Roga Nidan evam Vikriti Vigyan
16Mr. Gurmeet SinghD.M.L.T.Lab.Tech.Kriya Sharir
17Mr. Ravi Kumar12thLab.AssistantRas shastra evam bhishajya kalpana
18Mr. Kanhaiya12thLab.AssistantDravyaguna
19Mr. Vikramjeet mehra12thLab.AssistantRachana Sharir
20Mr. Pawan Kumar12thMuseum KeeperRachana Sharir
21Mr. Rajesh KumarM.A.Museum KeeperDravyaguna
22Mr. Kalu Ram8thMuseum KeeperSwasthavrita and Yoga
23Mr.Vinod Kumar12thBody lifterRachana Sharir
24Mr.Ajay Kumar12thAttendantAgad tantra evam vidhi vaidyaka
25Mr.Mangi Lal10thAttendant /PeonRachana Sharir
26Smt. Veena Rani12thAttendantKayachikitsa
27Smt. Nasib KaurNillAttendant /PeonSamhita and Siddhanta
28Smt. RaniNillAttendant /PeonDravyaguna
29Smt.Vidhya DeviNillAttendantShalakya and Shalya
30Smt. Manjeet KaurNill Multipurpose workerHerbal Garden
31Mr. Sohan lalB.A.Multipurpose WorkerHerbal Garden
32Mr. RamuNillGardner Herbal Garden
33Smt. Santosh8thOthersOthers
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